Article: Premium Spec for Children

April 19, 2016

Cleary Bikes, the only U.S. brand tailored specifically for kids, introduces a line of lightweight bikes created to motivate kids to ride to the best of their abilities. Cleary Bikes’ mission is to provide kids with real tools through every level of riding, to ultimately take off independently with confidence and ease. From exploring the neighborhood to adventuring out on mixed terrain, Cleary Bikes prides itself on being the brand of choice for kids and parents, inspiring them to enjoy life on a bike.

Jeff Cleary, former professional triathlete, mountain bike racer and dad, started Cleary Bikes after years of planning and designing with frame builders, bike shops, parents, kids, bike enthusiasts and cycling professionals. What really sets Cleary Bikes apart from stock kids bikes is that each bike comes with front and rear hand brakes, optimized for tiny hands.  In addition, the bikes have a clean, simple aesthetic with bold colors like Very Orange, Cool Moss and AstroTurf Green in matte finishes, eye catching to even the youngest of critics. The vibrant color options throughout the Cleary Bikes line allow the bikes to align with each child’s personality. “Cleary Bikes are reliable and fun, existing to empower kids to enjoy their bike in every way imaginable.


We provide a lifetime warranty to ensure kids can ride hard, then hand down their old rig to the next lucky sibling,” says founder, Jeff Cleary. “We strongly believe kids should have the option to use hand brakes early on to learn from a true riding experience, rather than struggle with a coaster brake.” Cleary Bikes ensures prevention against dents, dings and scratches thanks to a protective rustproofing sealant under its lead-free paint and a protective matte clear coat over the paint.

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Also in Press Release - Cleary Hedgehog 16″ Kids Bike Review - Cleary Hedgehog 16″ Kids Bike Review

November 17, 2017

It is hard to decide what to like best about the Cleary Hedgehog–the beautifully painted steel frame, the top-notch componentry, or the way the little bike performs out on the trail.  Fortunately, you don’t have to choose.  Your child can have it all: form and function.

The Hedgehog is Cleary’s 16″ bike, sized for kids ages 4 to 6.  The geometry and design make it look and perform like a real (albeit tiny) mountain bike.  That said, it performs just as well on rides around town and on the kindergarten commute as it does on singletrack.

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Cleary Hedgehog 16″ - Pedal Bike Review
Cleary Hedgehog 16″ - Pedal Bike Review

July 24, 2017

Pure biking goodness in a pint-sized package, Cleary Bikes are the perfect single-speed bikes for adventurous young riders. Super stable for added confidence for tackling jumps, curbs, etc.
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May 02, 2016

Lighter, brighter and stronger could mean more riding

Want to get your little one excited about riding? Well, you're in luck. Cleary Bikes makes really cool kids' bikes featuring bright colors, catchy names and low weight. Perhaps more important, though, the five models are built with thoughtful geometry, proportional components and quality construction.

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