How Cleary Bikes makes kids' bikes fun

by Jeffrey Cleary May 02, 2016

Lighter, brighter and stronger could mean more riding

Want to get your little one excited about riding? Well, you're in luck. Cleary Bikes makes really cool kids' bikes featuring bright colors, catchy names and low weight. Perhaps more important, though, the five models are built with thoughtful geometry, proportional components and quality construction.

Here's the stepping stone to greatness, Cleary's tough, little, 12in Gecko
Based in Sausalito, California, Cleary Bikes applies the lightweight goal for which nearly every cyclist strives to kids' bikes. Oftentimes, kids are riding (or rather pushing) bikes that can weigh a large percentage of their body weight. To combat this, Cleary's bikes start at 12lb /  5.4kg for the Starfish balance bike, and top out at 24lb / 10.9kg for the geared Meerkat, which Cleary claims is 50% lighter than some competitors. 
In its high-performance, kid-centric approach, Cleary is quite similar to IslaBikes, the UK-based company that recently began selling its lightweight bikes online in the US.
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Jeffrey Cleary
Jeffrey Cleary

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by Jeffrey Cleary April 20, 2016

The 13-pound Cleary Gecko is a kids’ bike that comes with the goodies you’d expect on a performance adult rig: V-brakes, three-piece cranks, a faux leather saddle, and a lifetime warranty. "We build tools, not toys" says Owner Jeff Cleary.
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by Michael Frantum April 19, 2016

Cleary does one thing and does it really, really well: It crafts well-thought-out bikes for kids—and only kids. The 24-inch Meerkat is the newest bike in the Cleary line, and it picks up where the 20-inch Owl model leaves off. It has easy-to-use hydraulic disc brakes, a 9-speed drivetrain with a single ring up front, and a kid-sized saddle and grips for comfort. The durable steel frame is equipped with an equally tough steel fork. The rigid fork is suspension corrected, so adding a fork with some cush is incredibly simple. Available in Very Orange, Deep Blue, Sorta Pink, Red, and AstroTurf.
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by Jeffrey Cleary April 19, 2016

Cleary Bikes, the only U.S. brand tailoredspecifically for kids, introduces a line of lightweight bikes created to motivate kids to ride to the best of their abilities. Cleary Bikes’ mission is to provide kids with real tools through every level of riding, to ultimately take off independently with confidence and ease. From exploring the neighborhood to adventuring out on mixed terrain, Cleary Bikes prides itself on being the brand of choice for kids and parents, inspiring them to enjoy life on a bike.

Jeff Cleary, former professional triathlete, mountain bike racer and dad, started Cleary Bikes after years of planning

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