January 04, 2019 1 min read

Our initial review of the internally geared Cleary Meerkat 24" kid's bike.

We recently took delivery of a few relaunched Cleary Meerkats. After building them up, we took the opportunity to take them for a long spin to see if they are worth the price tag. Here are our initial impressions and what we think of this sub $600 24" kid's bike.

Cleary Meerkat Details that Matter

  • Retail $594
  • 28 pounds
  • Steel frame with suspension corrected fork
  • Relaunched with a 5-speed internally geared hub (more on that shortly)
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • 1.95" tires that would work on the road or for the child wanting to try out dirt. We wouldn't recommend this tire long term for mountain biking but will be fine for trying it out. 
  • More spec and to see our stock here

Our Initial Impressions 

What makes this bike different and is it worth $594? That's really what we are here to talk about.

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The Hedgehog is Cleary’s 16″ bike, sized for kids ages 4 to 6.  The geometry and design make it look and perform like a real (albeit tiny) mountain bike.  That said, it performs just as well on rides around town and on the kindergarten commute as it does on singletrack.

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