Girl’s Bike vs. Boy’s Bike: Is There a Difference?

girls bikes

Bikes are a key ingredient in epic childhood adventures. So, choosing a new bike for your kid is a big decision! There are a lot of different bikes on the market, and it can be challenging for parents to know where to start. Quality, size, functionality, and wheel type are all important considerations for children’s […]

Does Your Kid Need a Mountain Bike?

kids bike

So, your child has been asking for a kids mountain bike? Knowing that they always want the newest toy (novelty is kind of their thing), you’ve probably thought, ‘do they really need one?’  Even though we’re a company that makes kids mountain bikes (so our answer totally isn’t without bias), we think it’s a good […]

How often do kids need a new bike?

new bike

With holidays or summer always right around the corner, you may be wondering ‘is it time for a new kids’ bike’?  It’s not unusual for kids to ask for new shiny things as soon as they grow bored of their existing toys and gadgets. Sometimes it can seem like a never-ending stream of requests!  But […]

What are the Best Bikes for Little People?

bikes for little people

No matter if you’re tall, short, big, or little, bikes are just plain good fun. But, we created Cleary because we know that when you match the right bike with the right person, not only is biking fun, but it’s safer, easier, and sets you up for success in the long run.  So, Cleary bikes […]

State Bicycle Helmet Laws For Kids. Protect their Noggin!

When it comes to nurturing your kid’s love of all things two-wheels, the two best pieces of advice we can give: keep it fun, keep them safe. So, ultimately, easing them into riding with a 12-inch bike like the Gecko is ideal. What’s more, we designed the Gecko to help your little one transition safely […]

Bike Safety for Kids

If you’re here, you already know our stance on bikes: they’re pure fun. The best part is that bikes bring the kind of fun that gets everyone in the family excited in a fresh, always-changing way. Are they ready to start practicing hand brakes? What a thrill. Are they ready to conquer the driveway? There’s […]

Kids Bike Maintenance for Parents

For many children, a bike is like a best friend. They may be hesitant or shy at first introduction. But once they get to know each other, your child will overcome their initial shyness and want to ride with their bike all the time! Parents can probably recall dozens of happy memories forged on their […]

Kids Coaster Brakes vs. Hand Brakes

kids coaster brake

Coaster brakes, also known as pedal or foot brakes, allow kids to stop their bikes by pedaling backward. Pedal brakes are different than regular freewheel adult bikes or larger kids bikes which enable cyclists to backpedal freely. 

Biking with Kids and Toddlers

Even if you’re still in the super fun trailer or baby seat mode, there’s always a new loop to explore, a new destination to set your sights on, or a fun activity to stop and do along the way.  If you’re new to cycling with kids, watching other parents roll down the block with ease […]

6 Tips for Bikepacking with Kids

bikepacking with kids

Not only is it full of quality togetherness and great views, taking your kids on a backpacking trip can teach them incredibly important skills like staying positive during long(ish) days in the saddle, packing the right nutrition, where and how to get water when you’re away from the tap, and the pure joy of waking […]