Meerkat 24" Bicycle

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    • Available in Very Orange, Deep Blue, Sorta Pink, Red and AstroTurf Green
    • Ideal for children ages 7-12 years old, between 48" - 60" (4' - 5') in height, with an inseam length ranging from 21" - 26"
    • The Meerkat's 410mm chain stays and 971mm wheel base are shorter than on any other 24" bike available in stores.  Why does that matter?  The "wheelbase" on a bicycle is the distance between where the front and rear wheels contact the ground.  Chainstay length (bottom bracket to rear hub distance) is about half the wheelbase.  The Meerkat's shorter wheelbase means it will steer more quickly than a bike with a longer wheelbase.  The Meerkat is easier to control, quicker to stop, quicker to accelerate and more fun to ride.  The fun factor is key.   
    • The Meerkat's light weight - 24 lbs - is another reason your child will climb more easily and control the bike better.  
    • Front and rear Tektro hydraulic disc brakes (mineral oil)
    • 1x9 drivetrain with MicroShift thumb shifter and medium cage derailleur
    • Suspension-adjusted frame geometry
    • Slim, junior race-style vegan leather saddle designed to maximize a rider’s range of motion while minimizing chafing and weight
    • 5mm Allen skewer front and rear wheel
    • Three-piece crank and square taper bottom bracket
    • Reinforced steel fork
    • Alloy handlebar and seatpost
    • MicroShift Trigger Shifter available
    • Meerkat 24" bikes arrive 90% assembled.  You install the pedals, seat post, handlebars and front wheel, as outlined in the Cleary Bikes Assembly Manual and seen on our Assembly Videos.
  • Standover Height (top tube) 570mm/22.4"
    Top Tube Length (horizontal) 507mm/20"
    Top Tube Length (actual) 490mm/19.3"
    Seat Tube Length 305mm/12"
    Seat Post Diameter 25.4mm
    Seat Tube Angle 73 degrees
    Head Tube Length 90mm
    Head Angle 70 degrees
    Bottom Bracket Height 257mm/10.1"
    Bottom Bracket Width 68mm
    Chain Stay Length 410mm/16.1"
    Rear Drop-Out Width 135mm
    Fork Length 375mm/14.8"
    Fork Drop-Out Width 100mm
    Wheelbase Length 971mm/38.2"
    Stack Height 458mm/18"
    Reach Length 363mm/14.3"
  • Rider Inseam 21" to 26"
    Alloy Handlebar Width 600mm
    Leather Saddle Length 21.5mm/8.5"
    Alloy Stem Length 70mm
    Alloy Stem Diameter 1 1/8"
    Headset Diameter 1 1/8"
    Brakes Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes 160mm front / 140mm rear rotor
    Crank Length 152mm
    Front Chainring 28 tooth
    Rear Cassette 11/32 tooth 9 speed

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