Let's Ride! 

It’s time to ride!  Cleary bikes are lightweight, agile, smooth rolling and sleek.  Low center of gravity, meticulously engineered frames, kid-sized front and rear brakes, hand-built wheels, rust-proofing and multiple paint layers, sealed headsets and bottom brackets distinguish our kids bikes from other brands.  

Kids Say, our bikes are just plain fun!  Boys and girls feel fast, while still feeling in control.  They gain confidence and balance and strength with every ride.  The more they ride, the more they want to ride.  Because our bikes are so rugged and balanced, kids feel empowered to ride longer and try new skills. 

Parents Say, our bikes are a ticket to get outside with your child and have some adventures.  If you want to pull your son or daughter away from a screen, take a trail ride together or a pedal around the neighborhood practicing curb drops.  We engineered the heck out of these bikes to make them perform well every time.  And we do mean every time.  Our bikes regularly get handed down through three or four kids.  

A little Cleary kids bike offers a super fun experience for the whole family.

Let’s ride together!

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