Cool write up in Mountain Flyer about kids adventuring on their Cleary’s in Crested Butte

Press Release

Junior Bike Week in Crested Butte, Colorado, is growing up to be the biggest kids’ bike party on the planet—and very likely the only multiday festival that’s 100 percent focused on youth. Originally started as Junior Crested Butte Bike Week in 2016, the event is held in conjunction with the oldest and one of the wildest bike shindigs in America, Crested Butte Bike Week.

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The Bike Log

We’ve Got a Winner! Video Contest for the Days at Home

From littlest riders sending ride-ons down ramps, to scavenger hunts and so many Princess Bride quotes, the entries were amazing! We had the hardest time selecting a winner — honestly, they were all great. But without further ado, our vote for the prize goes to this one:

The Bike Log

PSI: Why It’s Especially Important for Kids Bikes

Air filled tires are simple and amazing invention, so much so that today we take them for granted. But before Scottish inventor John Boyd Dunlop invented the pneumatic tire we were all suffering through cobblestones and rough roads on solid rubber, wooden or metal tires. Think of a horse drawn cart, with its rigid wooden and steel wheel. That’s how uncomfortable early bicycles were. 

The Bike Log

Riding with Pre K kids. A letter from Jeff.

The kids are going back to school! If you’re like me, the parent of a Hedgehog rider, you likely woke up this morning to find that your four-year-old crawled into bed with you last night and is softly snoring into your face. Pre-K is a sweet age. My little son wants to be a big, independent kid – and he’s not quite there yet. My son goes to sleep on his own, for instance, but he still ends up crawling into our bed before morning. 


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