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Welcome to ReRide, a great way to share what you love about biking, help build this awesome community of cyclers and, along the way, get a sweet deal on your next Cleary ride.

Get it right the first time, so they’re off pedaling in no time.

Our size chart makes it easy.

Meet the newest Meerkat.

At home on any terrain, the new 26 inch Meerkat is only limited by your rider’s imagination.

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When you trade in your pre-loved Cleary bike, you get a rebate check from us and some feel good ReRide shwag for your rider that includes a card for them to tell us all about their “old” Cleary. And you also get the satisfaction of helping someone else discover the love of biking, the knowledge that you’ve expanded the local bike community and the mental image of your old ride out there riding proud and free. But those things are harder to quantify than the rebate, so we’ve left them off the chart.


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Tuesday August 23 – Tuesday August 30 (midnight PST)

Back to school on our best-selling , do-it-all 24″ Meerkat. Use code
for 10% off plus a sweet Cleary water bottle and cage to keep your grade-schooler hydrated and riding.

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Gear while you wait. Score your rider a FREE t-shirt or jersey of your choice plus a sticker kit when you purchase a bike during the month of May.

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