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What's Cleary's story?  We're parents who believe getting outside and riding bikes with our kids is super fun.  We ride with our kids to school, on trails and often to no place in particular.  In 2014, we started designing kids bikes to make that experience as smooth as possible.    

If your child has a lightweight, simple, durable, cool looking bike designed for their physique, they'll ride more easily, more confidently and more often.  Those proud faces on our Instagram page are amazing for us to see (thank you to all the parents who share their rides with us) and they're a testament to the amazing things kids achieve on a bike ride. 

We don't build the costliest bike or the fanciest bike or the bike painted like a cartoon.  We build simple, reliable, elegant tools that, like parents, will be beaten down and abused, while still rolling smoothly through all the bumps in the road.   


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