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cleary bikes fathers day

We ♡ Dads

9 Facts About Dads:

  1. Dads know bikes (or know somebody who does) 
  2. Dads make excellent movie night snugglers
  3. Dads understand the Peanut Butter, Nutella, Jelly, Banana Quadrangle
  4. Dads will do most anything for a back rub
  5. Dads are available 24/7 to go for ice-cream
  6. Dads invented the direction, “Hey, watch this!”
  7. Dads possess a secret inner Tickle Monster
  8. Dads are still kids at heart, just not in the lumbar spine
  9. Dads come in all shapes and sizes
  10. Dads are good at math (see what we did there?)

Need that something special for Father’s Day? Look no further. We’ve got a two-for-one: a creative coloring project that doubles as a proclamation of radness to Dad. Kids can illustrate some creative flair sure to bring some smiles this Sunday.

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