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Thank you for your global support of Cleary Bikes. (We favor free trade!) But, we ship only to addresses in the US.

If you're in Canada, www.kidsbikescanada.ca will handle all your Cleary needs.

If you’d like some Cleary stickers or other swag, please email support@clearybikes.com. We’re happy to share.

Please contact support@clearybikes.com


The key measurements to determine which bike will fit your child are inseam and overall height. Here are the bikes according to inseam length that will allow kids to sit on the saddle with two feet flat on the ground:

If a kid with a 15" inseam starts riding a Gecko at the lowest seat height, they'll likely get 4"-5" height growth (18 months of ride time) on that bike. Hedgehog riders are comfortable through 5"-6" height growth (18-24 months of ride time). Owl riders are comfortable through 6"-7" height growth (24 months of ride time). Meerkat riders are comfortable through 6"-7" height growth (24 months of ride time). Ultimately, how much or how quickly your child grows is up to them.


We offer a Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser against Manufacturer’s Defects on our entire bikes. Proof of original purchase is required.

There is a robust secondary market for our bikes on craigslist.org, Facebook marketplace and nextdoor.com. The going rate is about 50% of retail on used Cleary's. We don’t buy back bikes.

Yes. We accept returns or exchanges on bikes returned in unused condition. Please re-pack the bike for shipping with the padding provided (ideally) so it is not damaged on the return trip. Please contact us at support@clearybikes.com for assistance to ensure your bike isn't damaged on return.

We don’t have touch-up paint. Automotive paint or oil-based model paint work best.

Gecko, Hedgehog and Owl bikes ship with Kenda Kontact tires (diameter 1.95” to 2.125”). Meerkat bikes use Kenda 1.95" K-Rad tires. Scout bikes ship with 2.25" Vee-Tire Crown Gem tires. Cleary offers knobby tires to fit Gecko, Hedgehog, Owl and Meerkat bikes.


It is possible to bend the derailleur hanger (carefully) and get it straight. We strongly recommend a shop do this, as the bike will only shift correctly when the derailleur hanger is straight.

A 3/32” chain for a single speed, or 7, 8 or 9-speed drivetrain will work on Cleary's 1 speed and internally geared bikes. Scouts use a 10-speed derailleur style chain. Any quality replacement will work.

19mm grips for the Starfish/Gecko/Hedgehog/Owl are available on the website.

Meerkat and Scout use 22mm diameter grips.


Cleary bikes are assembled in Taiwan and China.

Steel is lightweight, durable, offers an excellent ride quality and looks great.

Owls, Meerkats and Scouts all have water bottle cage mounts on the downtube. Cages are available under Parts & Accessories.

Yes. You can purchase a 19mm diameter riser bar in different lengths for the Starfish, Gecko, Hedgehog and Owl bikes.


The bikes ship without pedals, so you can leave those off initially and use it as a balance bike. You can also remove the cranks/bottom bracket/chain which makes the bike truly a balance bike.

You’ll need a 20” wheel fender like these http://ecom1.planetbike.com/7050-8.html and will need to be installed using “P” clips on the frames.

The 500mm wide (19mm diameter) riser bar will fit the Gecko.

Please feel free to give us a call if you want to talk about the fit in more detail.

Yes! Greenfield brand kickstands work well and do fit our bikes.

The red reflector goes on the seatpost, using the vertically oriented clamp.

The white reflector is for the handlebar, use the offset clamp on the wider part of the handlebar. The provided rectangular black rubber spacer fits between the handlebar clamp and handlebar.

We recommend getting a shorter seatpost as opposed to cutting your post. Starfish, Gecko, Hedgehog, Owl and Meerkat bikes all use a 25.4mm seat post. The Scout bikes use a 27.2mm seat post.

To adjust the reach, you can slide the saddle forward or back on its rails.

Internally geared hubs shift gears when you're not pedaling.

To adjust the reach, you can slide the saddle forward or back on its rails. You can adjust height 6" to 7" by raising or lowering the seat post. You can adjust the tilt of the saddle.

Three ways to raise handlebar height: Add a riser bar, riser stem or spacers under the stem.

Our freewheel bikes use a 9mm skewer to secure the rear wheel and that skewer is not designed to support a training wheel bracket so it is not possible to safely mount training wheels on our freewheel Gecko, Hedgehog or Owl bike.

The coaster brake Gecko will accept a training wheel because the rear wheel is secured to that bike with an axle, rather than skewer.

Yes. Please contact support@clearybikes.com

Our chain tension video is coming soon. Stay tuned!

Yes and we offer the wheels on our wedsite listed under Gecko parts.

Our coaster vs freewheel video is coming soon. Stay tuned!

The Scout comes with tubeless compatible rims. Our other bikes require a tube.

Yes, it will fit up to a 2.125” width tire.

Yes. Please contact support@clearybikes.com for information on your particular bike.

All our bikes have front and rear hand brakes.

The Gecko has a coaster brake built into the rear wheel, as well as hand brakes. That bike can be upgraded to accept a freewheel.

Yes. The Owl and Meerkat are available with multiple speeds, and the Scout line are all geared bikes.

We sell both a 35mm riser bar (Standard on the OWL) and 50mm riser bar (Standard bar on the Hedgehog) which are for 19mm controls. You can install a BMX style bar, however it would require new brake levers and grips for that bar’s 22.2mm control diameter.

We do not have Meerkat frames sets available.

Yes. Please contact support@clearybikes.com for information.

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