Cleary x Road Runner Co-Pilot Stem Bag


Trust us when we say this bag isn’t just for water bottles! We teamed up with our friends at Road Runner Bags in Los Angeles to create a carry-it-all handlebar stem mounted bag, perfect for snacks, bugs, sticks and stuffies.

Handmade using recycled cordura, the Co-Pilot can be mounted to your bars (right or left) using a three-point velcro system which creates minimal sway and sag. The simple open/close design allows for even the littlest riders to use just one hand; pull up on the cord and end to close the collar to secure treasurers. To reopen, just tug on the black pull cord.

This bag is a quick and easy install on any bike/stem/handlebar combo.

1. Determine which side of the bars you would like it on and mount the stem strap around the stem. You will find which strap is fit for the stem as it runs vertically and is permanently affixed to the bag near the pull cord.

2. The other strap (which runs vertically and is totally removable) is meant for attaching the bag to the handlebar on either the right or left side.

3. The third strap (which runs in a horizontal direction) is meant to strap the bar to the head tube. Creating the third mounting point and giving the bag minimal sway or sag.

Height: 6”
Width: 3”
Weight: 2oz

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