Spurcycle Bell

Chris King - Violet
Chris King - Bourbon

The last bell you will ever need to buy. Guaranteed for life and engineered from the ground up to be the best possible bell, the Spurcycle Bell has re-established the bar for bells. It is crafted from premium brass and stainless steel in the good ‘ol USA. This durable bell has a distinctive, yet pleasant tone that resonates up to three times as long as most bells — an extended period whose effects are immeasurable while traversing busy bike paths, letting a friend know you are passing or getting mom and dad out of the way!  

Material: premium brass and stainless steel
Finish: Raw or Black; Chris King Bourbon or Chris King Violet  
Dome size: ⌀30mm x 20.5mm 
Weight: 45g
Origin*: Made in USA, Guaranteed for Life
Install: 2.5mm hex tool required