20 inch bikes

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    Owl Single Speed Lightweight Kids 20 Inch Bike

    Age: 6-8
    Inseam: 19"-23"
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    Owl 3 Speed Lightweight 20 Inch Kids Bike

    Age: 6-8
    Inseam: 19"-23"
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20 Inch Bikes on ClearyBikes.com

Explore our range of 20-inch bikes for kids. Cleary’s range of 20-inch bikes for kids is reliable and durable enough to withstand everything your grade-schooler can throw at them. A bike with 20-inch tires is great for kindergartners or grade school-aged children moving onto their second or even third bike. Our 20-inch children’s bikes are great for kids aged five to seven years old.

When your child is ready for a 20-inch kid’s bike, you’ll find that making the right bike choice becomes more difficult. There’s more to consider for a bike of this size for this age group. Do you want gears or no gears, hand brakes, or no hand brakes? Luckily our 20-inch kid’s bike range comes with the option of both a single-speed version or a 3 speed.

Younger children may prefer to start with a single-speed 20-inch bike, especially if they are still learning. If your child is more confident, they can progress to the 3 speed bike. If your child is ready to learn to use gears, then our 20-inch bikes are a great place to start.

Children in the five to seven age group are well suited to 20-inch bikes. But when it comes to bike sizing, age is just a number. Cleary recommends measuring your child to find the perfect bike fit. Bikes with 20-inch wheels fit children with an inseam between 19 to 25 inches. To determine the ideal size for your child, check out our kid’s bike sizing guide.

Our 20-inch Owl bikes are tough-as-nails and ready for adventure. Bikes of this size can roll over small obstacles and even tackle some jumps. All-terrain tires can take your child from the park to the trails and more. Shop now for 20-inch kids bikes at Cleary.


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