Hello and nice to meet you. We’re Cleary.

We’re a crafty, small team who are spread across the west coast. Cleary’s are designed in California and Oregon. Most of us are parents , we’re all bike lovers and we all believe in the opportunities a bike offers a child.

Between us parents, we’re obsessed with kids’ worldviews. We spend our days dissecting what’s important to them and how to win with them before, during and after they get on a bike. We study many aspects of kids’ rides: the heightened emotions, the thrills of discovery, the joy of accomplishment, the unbridled pride, the cheek-to-cheek smile.

We design bikes to give kids the most boundless possible riding experience. No dumbed-down adult bikes. No gimmicky playthings. Our bikes are crafted so kids feel that their rig was made just for them. When your child is ready to take flight on two wheels, we’ve got the bike to make it happen.


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